Best male Personal Trainers in Bournemouth

Best Male Personal Trainers in Bournemouth

Best Male Personal Trainers in Bournemouth

After giving the top female personal trainers in Bournemouth some love last week, we felt it only fair to give the men some time in the spotlight too! There’s plenty of male trainers in the area and taking the time to sort through them all to find who’s right for you can be a lot of effort. So, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Here are some of the best male personal trainers in Bournemouth that we felt deserved a special shout-out.

Vitalise Fitness and Nutrition

Vitalise Fitness and Nutrition (VFN)

VFN specialises in helping people fall back in love with exercise. Qualified in a range of disciplines including, boxercise, swimming, and kettlebells, you’re guaranteed to get a varied and fun workout. VFN are dedicated to helping everyone regardless of age or previous experience, what’s most important for them is that you get healthier, both physically and mentally.

VFN offer 1-2-1 and small group training and tailor their regimes to suit their client’s ability and fitness goals. Whether looking to lose some weight, gain some muscle, or both, VFN will give you the motivation you need to hit your targets, feel good about yourself, and have fun doing it!

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Rian from Vitalise is an amazing PT. I started using Rian about 18 months ago and I have seen great results. I’ve lost 10kg of weight. My body shape has changed over the time losing fat and gaining muscle. Rian keeps the sessions varied which makes them interesting and is very friendly and motivating. I can’t recommend him enough. He is fantastic!


Wylde Fit

With over 20 years of industry experience behind him, Sash from Wylde Fit knows how to get people into shape. Focusing on strength, endurance, flexibility, and conditioning, Wylde Fit ensure you’ll get a well-rounded workout. 

Your time with Wylde Fit doesn’t end when your workout finishes, instead, Wylde Fit create clients a healthy eating and exercise plan designed to become engrained into their daily life. By practising healthy habits every day, you’ll quickly lead a healthier, fitter, and more sustainable life.


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Sash is brilliant at what he does and makes it lots of fun whilst helping you to achieve your goals. Would definitely recommend Wylde Fit to anyone who wants to get back in shape.


JB Fitness

JB Fitness- Bournemouth

With a diploma in precision nutrition and a comprehensive sporting background, including playing professional football and training in a range of athletic disciplines, you’ll struggle to find many personal trainers more qualified to get you into shape!  

Specialising in functional training, strength, conditioning, and weight management, JB fitness have all the tools to get you feeling stronger and fitter. 

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I’ve been working for a few months with Joe, my form and size has really improved, very knowledgable, helps me with my diet, highly recommend, for one on one training, he really pushes you, results are amazing!


The Motus Academy

The Motus Academy

This female-focused PT uses self-defence style training to help women reach their fitness goals and teaches them how to safeguard themselves in the process. With ex semi-pro MMA fighters and law enforcement trainers in their ranks, The Motus Academy offers a unique blend of martial arts and fitness regimes to target weight loss and improve conditioning.

Now delivering a Women’s Self Defence & Personal Safety Course, The Motus Academy offers a comprehensive breakdown of female safety including lessons in situational awareness and de-escalation alongside physical training.

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Matt Anderson PT

Matt Anderson PT

After suffering a spinal injury in Canada, Matt developed a passion for physical therapy and exercise. Quickly, this passion led to him embarking on a career as a personal trainer. Over 30 years later, Matt has become one of the most experienced and reliable trainers in the area.

Having spent 19 years running his own boutique gym, he now operates from The Gym Poole.

Matt uses traditional methods and techniques to help his clients smash their fitness goals and provides nutritional support alongside exercise programs.

Website –


If you’re looking for a PT who is friendly, knowledgeable and listens to what you want so will write a program to suit you then Matt is definitely your guy.



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