Choosing the right gym

Choosing the Right Gym

Choosing the Right Gym: Ten Things to Consider When Choosing a Gym.


Choosing a gym which is right for you can be a very challenging process. This decision needs to be the right one, with gyms now tying you into lengthy contracts. Let’s take a look at what we think, here at My Fitness Advisor, are the most important factors. These factors, which are discussed below, have had a considerable influence over our decisions for each of the specific review criteria we have for the gyms on the site.


What style suits

First you need to figure out what you want to achieve at of your gym membership. Do you have a certain fitness goal you want to accomplish or are you just looking for a few classes here and there to get you out the house every week? If you prefer exercising outdoors, then maybe a pay as you go membership may be more suited to you. Every person if different so evaluating what is right for you is crucial.


List your must-haves

Once you have evaluated what you want to achieve out of your gym membership and are ready to sign up. The next step is to find the right gym for you: What are your reasons for joining? For example, if you love spinning classes, you can immediately eliminate gyms which don’t have spinning classes and studios. It’s obvious, but it’s essential to consider these factors early on in your gym search – it’s incredible how enticing luxurious locker rooms and state-of-the-art strength machines can be.



Value for money in today’s economic climate is essential. Gym memberships can be an expensive outgoing, so you need to make sure you know what you’re paying for. Remember you’re the paying customer so be prepared to haggle. See how far you can get with reducing your membership price just be asking.


Do your research

Doing your research is essential for you to find the best deal and to find a gym that is right for you. Special offers are always flying about and comparing and contrasting the different price of gyms and what you get for that price puts you in good stead to find what you’re looking for.



In the middle of a pandemic, the cleanliness of your gym is more important than ever. How regularly the equipment, the changing facilities and the main touchpoints are cleaned throughout the gym is something you need to know. Gyms are renowned for being one of the most unhygienic places so when choosing a gym, ask the person showing you round some questions about their cleaning and Covid 19 policy and procedures.



Proximity to a gym will affect your workouts, either directly or indirectly. On those days where your motivation is lacking, you are less likely to go if your gym is more than a 10-minute drive. If you’re not fortunate to live near a gym then, think where you visit a lot. Is there a gym near your place of work or near the train station for your commute?  Location and ease of going to the gym will improve your fitness regime by more than you think.



The fitness community is more extensive than ever with people leaving reviews on a range of services. Check out what people think about their real gym experiences. If other people are having issues when going to that specific gym, you will most likely experience the same. This is a key thing to note if you like attending classes. If people are having trouble booking on to a class then maybe the gym isn’t right for you.


A mixture of equipment

Look for a range of machines and equipment in the gym. The more range, the more fresh and exciting your workouts will become, therefore making them more enjoyable as well.


Personal training

Does the gym offer personal training and/or advice? Most gyms now help you design your own personal workout with a specific fitness tracking book/card to help keep track of your workouts and see your progress, free of charge. But if this isn’t enough for you and you want to get a personal trainer then check what level the trainers are at the gym. Are they fully qualified in terms of practical experiences, certificates and formal education?


Ask about the emergency plan

Should you, or someone you go to the gym with, have a cardiac event you want and need to be in a gym that is prepared for it. Most gyms have staff and personal trainers who are trained in CPR but what you really need is a gym with an AED. An AED (automated external defibrillator) can improve a patient’s chance of survival. Make sure the gym you choose has one, and relevant staff are trained to use it.

We hope this advice will help you when choosing the right gym for you. Not one factor is more important than the other but a combination of all of these factors play a huge role in finding the best gym for you to meet your fitness goals.

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