My Fitness Advisor our Story

My Fitness Advisor Our Story

My Fitness Advisor Our Story

This journey started in 2019 leading up to my final exams at University. I was serverly stressed about the amount of work and at the time putting way too much pressure on myself to do well. All I could think about was what would happen if I was to fail my degree, which, as you can imagine led to a spiral of anxiety and worry about the future.

As a coping mechanism, I downloaded a brilliant app called Headspace, a meditation and sleeping app. This helped me a lot, in terms of helping me deal with the stress of degree exams and the pressures of deadlines. Getting more and more into the practice of meditation, I wanted to try an actual class. Brighton had a lot of classes to offer, some free and some paid.

Then it came to choosing a class. I found a few online but a few questions came to mind when comparing and contrasting the different classes. Browsing through Google I found a few that looked good. But judging and comparing each class was a rather difficult task.


Choosing a class also raised some questions:


How do I know which meditation class is better?


Which one is right for me?


With limited reviews on many classes, the decision seemed to be impossible without going to try the classes out in person.

The questions above and the complicated decision-making process of going to a meditation class made me start thinking about the fitness industry in general.

Surely other people have this issue with choosing fitness services?

Not just comparing and contrasting fitness services but the amount of information/misinformation we all have at our fingertips in life. Making decisions now seems to have become an uphill battle.

With this said, the fitness industry seems to be at the heart of this misinformation trend. Everyone now seems to have the magic formula to “unlock your fitness potential” and make you look like something the average person could never achieve unless you are using an app, filter on your phone or are paid to look like that.

Whether it’s workout plans, new supplements or some crazy yoga you’ve never heard of this “magic formula” trend with titles including “get six-pack abs in 4 weeks” I believe have led to an extremely untrustworthy and non-transparent fitness industry in general.

Then came the idea of My Fitness Advisor. A review and directory service for the fitness industry but not just a standard review site. A review site with specific review criteria to match the specific fitness service. Where you can find personal trainers, gyms, yoga classes and fitness events near you.

The aim is to give consumers a more accurate and transparent experience when choosing/viewing a fitness service solving the problem, I had when trying to choose a meditation class in Brighton. Meditation classes aren’t on the site just yet but they will be on the site sometime in the future.

My ambition is for My Fitness Advisor to create a more trustworthy and transparent fitness industry to help people find the right fitness service to meet their fitness goals something I believe the industry is extremely lacking. I am also very passionate about the environment we live in, so sustainable fitness will also be a key brand value of My Fitness Advisor in the Future.

The 2020 Coronavirus lockdown has given me the time and opportunity to develop this idea and I am truly excited for the journey ahead. Pairing up with the Princes Trust enterprise programme has given me the structure to allow this idea to develop. The charity has been extremely helpful and supportive and I would recommend them to anyone who has an idea/new business. The business mentors they pair you up with give you invaluable insight into the business world and give you clarity when you throw your thoughts and ideas at them.

I hope all parties including people trying to find the right fitness service for them and people who provide the fitness services themselves, can join me in trying to change the industry so trust and transparency can be regained.

Choosing a fitness service doesn’t need to be so hard!!!


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