The results can provide an insight into nagging issues like fatigue, migraines and bloating, as well as giving you the opportunity to check in on your gut, hormonal, and cardiovascular health.

Currently we offer 2 tests. The 1st is a very inexpensive and non-invasive test using a hair sample. These are tested in a lab for your cells reactions to hundreds of food and non- food items items as well as looking to see if other things like your vitamin and mineral levels, gut biome & digestive enzymes are in or out of balance. Your results will be delivered straight into your inbox. You will now be able seek to eliminate foods on your red list if necessary and look to adapt your diet accordingly using the information enclosed or you can seek out medical or specialist nutritional help should you feel you need it.

The second and more comprehensive test also available uses a finger prick test also sent to your home - you will then send back to the Harley Street technicians. This will be looking in more detail at vitamin load & function, checking the status of your liver, kidney & thyroid systems - as well as cardiovascular & diabetes risk factors. The results of this test will be delivered straight to you with a set of fully explained results as well as specific actionable instructions.

Using Quantum Physics and simple, at home to laboratory testing, we can help you understand the role food intolerances and sensitivities are playing in your overall everyday health

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