Supporting Dorset Mind

Supporting Dorset Mind

Here at My Fitness Advisor we take mental health very seriously as we know how important it is to our overall wellbeing. Not only do we care about people being able to find the right fitness service to help them get physically fit but we also want to ensure that people are able to stay mentally fit too! Which is why we have teamed up with Dorset Mind, a pioneering local charity that educates, challenges mental health stigma and inequality, and promotes recovery by empowering individuals to develop resilience.

It’s become clear to many people over the past year that exercise can play a vital role in helping us sustain our mental well-being. At MFA we are committed to helping everyone look after their minds as well as their bodies, therefore, partnering with Dorset Mind and supporting their mission was a simple decision. Physical and mental health go hand in hand According to the NHS’ Every Mind Matters website, having good mental health helps us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more. And we couldn’t agree more!

Physical and mental health go hand in hand.

Loads of the things you do for your body, like getting active or eating better, will boost your mental wellbeing too. Even a short burst of 10 minutes’ brisk walking increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood. Plus doing regular exercise can boost our self-esteem and help to manage stress, anxiety and depression.

Exercise can also help to prevent the development of mental health problems and improve the quality of life of people experiencing mental health problems.


Dorset Mind What They do

Dorset Mind is a local charity that has provided mental health services to Dorset residents for over seventy years. Dorset Mind encourages people to recover from mental ill health and maintain their wellbeing. We achieve this through education, challenging stigma and inequality and by providing a diverse range of support options.

We work collaboratively with local statutory organizations, other charities and influential stakeholders to contribute to an integrated network of mental health support countywide.

Our services are available for all Dorset Residents, but we also offer targeted support to minorities to ensure full inclusion and accessibility. We offer specialist services for BAME and LGBTQ+ communities and provide support for women-only and carers.

Our adult services offer a range of individual and group interventions to support people on their personal recovery journey from an initial assessment onwards. Our services include counselling, active mentoring and coaching, befriending, peer-based support groups and alternative social prescriptions. The aim of this support is to reduce loneliness, improve social connection and prevent mental health issues worsening, such as anxiety and depression. We empower our participants to learn coping skills and manage their own mental health symptoms. It enables them to re-engage with family, friends and their community.

Additionally, Dorset Mind provides a comprehensive workplace wellbeing training programme that can be made bespoke. It supports both employees and employers of local business. We also offer specialized peer-support for people most at risk of experiencing trauma in the workplace, such as the police and emergency services.

Dorset Mind understands the importance of mental health education from a young age and provides early intervention to prevent long-term adult mental health conditions. We work closely with schools countywide and provide a ‘whole-school’ approach for students in and out of school, staff and parents. For children or young people most vulnerable or at risk of developing poor mental health we delivery one-to-one counselling, our wellbeing check-in service and wellbeing support groups.

Although Dorset Mind is a local affiliate of National Mind, we are an independently registered charity and are responsible for our funding. This means we have autonomy to design and develop our services to best meet the needs of our communities.
Rest assured that all donations made to us enable us to help provide support for local people struggling with their mental health.

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