Brand Vision

Born in Christchurch, Dorset, Natural Health Goods has long since had a mission to provide hemp-derived CBD products to everyone at a cost-effective price. Our goal is to let our community flourish with natural health and wellness supplements. Our products are designed to be easy to take and compliment someone’s lifestyle. Ideal for those trying to promote general wellness and providing an option for those who need relief, we focus on quality ingredients and a consistent formula before anything else.

Sustainable Outlook

Why Choose Our CBD Products? At Natural Health Goods, we demand a higher quality than the standard we see and that’s why we won’t settle for anything less than vegan-friendly, organic, and 100% natural CBD-rich hemp. Instead of picking from one part of the plant, you get the whole plant oil that contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and more. We only use environmentally friendly techniques for our products, which are all proudly made in the EU. Sourced from a HACCP certified supplier, we know quality at every step of the journey is just as important as the last. Third-party UK certified and lab-tested, we offer a superior CBD option which is very cost-effective. We also have local stockists in Dorset and Hampshire, as well as free UK delivery with all orders – what could get better than that?


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the 400+ compounds found in the hemp plant, a natural and legal food supplement that’s derived from hemp into a variety of other forms, though the most popular is an oil-based tincture. Many use it as a health and wellness supplement, although the FDA has only approved CBD as a treatment for specific conditions.
There’s been a dramatic increase of scientific research, clinical trials, and studies on the matter of CBD as researchers flock to unlock the true potential CBD has to offer.

Though nothing is set in stone, we do see promising potential with research for CBD and anxiety, trouble sleeping or insomnia, inflammation, depression, and much more.

Humanity has been utilizing CBD for years, providing natural healing properties for a wide selection of ailments. As CBD becomes more popular across the mainstream, consumers of all ages and backgrounds have decided to start giving it a chance. As they incorporate CBD into their daily routines, they can feel the benefits as it just keeps getting better.

Whole Plant CBD Oil – This is the most desired form of CBD oil and is widely considered the gold standard of CBD products.

100% Natural & Organic – European grown outdoors in direct sunlight without the use of any chemicals.
Third-Party UK Lab Tested and Certified – Each bottle has been batch tested with scannable QR code on the packaging to show Certificate of Analysis on our website.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Method – State of the art extraction process is considered the cleanest, safest, most environmentally friendly method currently available.

Clear & Transparent About CBD Product Strength – Unlike many companies, Natural Health Goods has made it their mission to make it easy for customers to see exactly how strong our products are by showing all 3 units of measurements to determine the strength of the product; Bottle size in ML – Our CBD oils are supplied in 10ml dropper bottles.

Amount of CBD content in MG – The actual (minimum) amount of CBD in our products.Strength of the product shown as a percentage value – Without knowing all 3 units of measurement it is very difficult for the consumer to determine the actual strength of the product they are buying and makes it impossible to determine the value for money. Many brands will use larger 30ML dropper bottles showing the CBD content on the front but NOT the percentage.

If you are buying a 500MG CBD oil in a 10ML dropper bottle that means the percentage strength is 5%……if you are buying a 500MG CBD oil in a 30ML dropper bottle that means the percentage strength is only 1.66%. This is very common and customers think they are getting better value for money by buying it in a larger bottle but essentially all they are doing is buying a more diluted, ‘watered-down’, product.

A Pure Product Made Only From The Hemp Plant – Just as nature intended. Our CBD oil is blended with organic hemp seed oil for maximum health benefits. Hemp seed oil is arguably the best carrier oil for CBD.

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