Enjoy getting a toned, stronger & leaner body while having fun with Jane Cox at her private Bournemouth gym or with Jane's Zoom online fitness coaching sessions.

Qualified Nutrition Consultant

A Perfect Fit If You:

Are finding it difficult re-gaining strength after Covid-19

You work from home and need an exercise routine (corporate health packages)

Want an affordable 6 Week Challenge body goal.

Whether you want to train 121, In a couple or a small group this is perfect.

Active IQ level 2 & 3 qualified personal trainer/nutrition advisor Jane Cox has helped 100's of her Bournemouth clients achieve fast results in her private Bournemouth gym for over 3 years.

Since lockdown 2020 Jane Cox now offers corporate team online wake-up HiiT and personal online coaching.

Core Stability
Hypertrophy (muscle building)
Posture Correction

About Jane

As most women experience in their life, gaining weight from having 2 children, clinical depression, fibromyalgia and poor energy levels had prevented me from living a happier life. Add constant back pain, 2 prolapsed disks and several injuries into the mix, probably a bit of alcoholism here and there, it really wasn’t looking good for me as I fast reached my forties!

The way forward really was a eureka moment for me, either that or another mid-life crisis (take your pick)! I realised that it’s now or never, my skin would loose it’s elasticity if I carried on with my poor lifestyle and being as vain as my friends would tell you I am, growing old is bad enough but being unfit and overweight as well really wasn’t an option for me.

I really threw myself into fitness and gave it 100%. Constant session after session, re-educated myself about food, various diet clubs, bootcamps, gyms and then eureka here I am re-invented from years of hard work. I’m not going to confess it was easy, things in life worth having never are are they? Neither did I do it all by myself. I leant on support from PT trainers and my family are all to thank.

Which is why now becoming a qualified personal trainer enables me to help you or others like me, to achieve the same results. Other men and women who need support and confidence to get fit, stronger, healthier and happier using my experience of years and years of getting it badly wrong to finding the balance and as I now approach my 50th birthday this year, to finally getting it so right and become the best female focussed personal trainer I can.

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Active IQ level 2 & 3 qualified personal trainer/nutrition advisor


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