Top Female Personal Trainers in Bournemouth

Top female personal trainers in Bournemouth

Top Female Personal Trainers in Bournemouth

If you’re looking to train with one of the top female personal trainers in Bournemouth, look no further. Whether you’re interested in one-on-one personal training, pre- or post-natal exercise, yoga, pilates, or nutrition, you’re sure to find the right personal trainer for you in this article.

Read on to find the best female Focused personal trainer for you!


1.   Laura Travis Personal Trainer

Laura Travis Personal Trainer

Laura Travis is a top female personal trainer in Bournemouth whose mission is to “help anxious women love what they see in the mirror.” Her practice focuses on training, mobility, mindset, and lifestyle coaching.


Laura works with people to help combat their negative self-perceptions and recognizes that fitness is about more than just your physique. She emphasizes the importance of mental health and constructing positive self-belief.





Laura has been amazing through this pandemic. Adapting so quickly and making sure everyone is safe but still motivated and that has been so important to me in keeping me positive through the lockdown. The community she has built for all of us has been amazing and I can honestly say I have never felt better about exercising and understanding my diet and nutritional requirements. Recommend so highly!

Chloe Banks

I haven’t been with Laura long but in the first few week of starting with her I have been so motivated and I’m happy already. I have made some great healthy changes. It doesn’t feel like a chore like yo yo dieting, I don’t have to restrict or cut out and foods I love. No strict food plan, your in control which is what I love. Laura reads into the mind which you can relate to and you get the brain ticking. I’m loving the plan and have seen amazing results and healthy habit changes already and can’t wait to reach my goal.

Overall friendly down to earth and certainly approachable at all times when ever needed. Best program I have ever tried and I have tried all you can think of finally I found hope. Best decision I have made and can’t wait to carry on!!!

Emilie Lawrence


Instagram: @lauratravis_personaltrainer


2.   Lauren Emma Personal Trainer

Lauren Emma Personal Trainer

Another one of the top female personal trainers in Bournemouth is Lauren Emma, a PT who specializes in prenatal and post-natal training. Lauren helps women along their journeys to feel healthier and more confident in the gym. Also, she has qualifications in Nutrition for Health and Performance, Personal Training, Gym Instruction, and Pre- and Post-Natal Personal Training.


Instagram: @laurenemmapt




3.   Hanna Gibbins

Hanna Gibbins PT

Hanna Gibbins works one-on-one with clients in her own private gym. She understands that everyone’s fitness journey is unique, so she creates personally tailored plans depending on your individual needs and goals. Also, she prides herself on walking with you every step of the way, adjusting your training plan as you progress.


If you’re looking for individual support in a private setting, along with a fitness plan that’s completely catered to you, Hanna Gibbins is the personal trainer for you!


Instagram: @hanna_gibbins

4.   Jane Coxx

female personal trainer Bournemouth and poole

The results Jane Coxx has achieved for her clients speak for themselves! Jane offers a wide range of options for getting fit, including one-on-one personal training sessions in her private gym, Zoom online coaching sessions, and corporate fitness packages.


Jane Coxx focuses on helping her clients in the areas of toning, weight loss, muscle building, posture correction, and flexibility. She is also a qualified nutrition consultant. Her personal love of fitness motivates her to help others along in their fitness journeys.

Instagram: @janecoxfit



5.   Amanda Bunting

If you’re looking for a top female personal trainer in Bournemouth who offers yoga, pilates, and personal training, Amanda Bunting could be the right trainer for you. Amanda offers online Zoom training sessions, including traditional one-on-one personal training as well as pilates and yoga classes.

Also, Amanda Bunting specializes in pre and post natal training. So, if you’re pregnant or you’ve given birth, she can help address any pregnancy-related complications you may be experiencing.

Instagram: @mandy_bunting


6.   Fit by Illenia Frandi


Illenia PT Sandbanks

Finally, Illenia Frandi is one of the top female personal trainers in Bournemouth who offers a holistic approach to fitness. She focuses on the mind-body connection, and she emphasizes the importance of whole-person wellbeing.


In addition to being a personal trainer, Illenia is also a registered nutritionist. She creates unique fitness and nutrition plans for her clients, provides one-on-one coaching, and offers 24/y support.


Instagram: @fitbyfrandi


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